Reduce weight with Oolong tea

Oolong tea and weight loss – could this really be another of the many benefits of this aromatic, healthy tea?

With celebrities like Oprah, Dr. Oz, and Rachael Ray endorsing oolong tea for weight loss, it’s no wonder oolong tea for weight management has become such a hot topic, as more and more of us search for a healthy, natural way to manage our weight and lose those extra pounds.
But, are the weight loss oolong tea claims actually true?

Here are some of the ways oolong tea may help you manage your weight.

  • Oolong tea is chock full of potent antioxidants that boost your metabolism. The antioxidants in oolong tea, in addition to protecting you from chronic disease, can also increase your metabolism by 10% or more for up to 2 hours after drinking oolong.
  • Antioxidants in oolong tea also help the body burn fat more effectively and quickly – especially tummy and upper arm fat. Research has shown that oolong tea can help keep the body fat off once it’s gone, as well. And, drinking oolong tea regularly can block your fat-building enzymes, thanks to those in-built antioxidants.
    Oolong tea has caffeine. All teas from the Camellia sinensis tea plant – including oolong tea – naturally contain caffeine. Although caffeine can have side effects, it also raises your metabolism, potentially helping you reach your weight-loss goals more quickly.
  • Oolong tea can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Stabilized blood sugar can help you feel more satisfied and balanced – meaning you may crave fewer sweets!
  • Oolong tea is delicious, aromatic, and calorie-free – and is an excellent replacement for a high-calorie coffee drink. Substitute oolong tea for your morning or mid-afternoon latte for a burst of energy and flavor, and to avoid all of those extra calories. Just remember, though, any extras you add to oolong – like milk or sugar – do have calories!

In traditional Chinese medicine, oolong tea is recognized for decreasing body fat, and current scientific research is backing oolong tea’s reputation as a weight-loss tea. Research has shown that drinking oolong tea regularly can boost your metabolism, help you burn fat faster, and block fat-building enzymes. Oolong can also help you keep the pounds off once you’ve lost them.

And, drinking oolong tea will leave you with feelings of well-being and provide you with a bunch of other health benefits, as well!